Factory water filter housing mini water dispenser

2019 New Terminal water Treatment purification MBR Membrane Fiber Water Purifier ManufactureMBR membraneUltra filtration for domestic applications.Clean city waterKeep dissolved solids.Filter works without electricity.  Accessories Type: Water Purification / Water dispenser accessories Number 10 inch transpar

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2019 New Terminal water Treatment purification MBR Membrane Fiber Water Purifier Manufacture

MBR membrane
Ultra filtration for domestic applications.
Clean city water
Keep dissolved solids.
Filter works without electricity.  
Accessories Type: Water Purification / Water dispenser accessories 
Number 10 inch transparent filter bottle 
Material Food-grade ABS
Capacity Ten-inch fully transparent bottle
Use location Terminal water purification 
Efficacy Filter housing 
Packing Cartons
Color 2 points transparent bare bottle, 4 points transparent bare bottle 
Water pressure range 0.15-0.5 
Daily processing 283 
Material Hollow Fiber Capacity 1 
Efficacy Deep Filtration 
Packing Cartons 

Customization Service: OEM & ODM is welcomed! MOQ only 100 PCS.
Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser


Product NameFactory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser
Product modelTN-UF-106
Body Size300*120*300mm
Package size 125 x 125 x 310mm  
Purified water flow rate283 L/D
Application waterMunicipal tap water
Pressure of inlet water0Mpa
Operating temperature0-50ºC
Work pressure0.15~0.5MPa
Brand NameOEM /own brand 
FunctionMBR Membrane Fiber Water Purifier
Installation WayCabinet-style /wall-mounted/under sink 
TypeUF Direct Drinking Series
SupplyAbility20000 Set/Sets per Month Water Purifier For Kitchen
OEM Supported
Net weight/gross weight 0.6Kg/0.65Kg
Ultrafiltration Film   MBR Membrane Fiber Water Purifier

Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser

Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser

This UF water filter could be installed under sink /under kitchen/ wall-mounted.

Scope of application 

Residential areas, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, organs, schools, troops, factories and other domestic sewage and similar industrial organic waste water, such as textile, beer, paper, leather, food, chemical and other industries

The basic principle of MBR membrane treatment is a common way of modern sewage treatment. Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology is a new technology combined with biological treatment technology and membrane separation technology, which replaces the traditional secondary sedimentation tank. It can also maintain a high concentration of microorganisms in the biological pool, and the residual sludge of the process is small, which can effectively remove ammonia nitrogen, the suspended solids in the effluent and turbidity are close to zero, and the bacteria and viruses in the effluent are largely removed, with low energy consumption and small occupation area. In the 1970s, many countries in Japan, South Africa and Europe began to use membrane bioreactor for sewage and waste water treatment. Its water source comes from domestic sewage (such as shower drainage, union washing drainage, washing drainage, kitchen drainage, toilet drainage, etc.) and cooling water.

The Water Filter use MBR Membrane Fiber Water Purifier

Membrane biological treatment technology has the following characteristics:

  1. it can quickly carry out solid-liquid separation, separating suspended substances, colloidal substances and microbial flora lost from purified water. The separation process is simple, the area is small, the effluent quality is good, generally do not need three levels of treatment can be reused.
  2. the biomass in the biological treatment unit can be maintained at a high concentration, so that the volume load can be greatly increased, so that the treatment unit of water.The residence time of force is greatly shortened, and the area of bioreactor decreases correspondingly.
  3. as it can prevent the loss of various microbial communities, it is conducive to the growth of slow-growing bacteria (Nitrification bacteria, etc.), so that various metabolic processes in the system can proceed smoothly.
  4. make the residence time of some refractory organics of macro-molecules longer, which is conducive to their decomposition.
  5. the membrane treatment technology is the same as other filtration and separation technologies. In the long-term operation process, the membrane, as a filtration medium, is blocked, and the membrane's running time decreases gradually through water amount. Effective back washing and chemical cleaning can slow down the decline of membrane flux and maintain the effective service life of the MBR system.
  6. MBR technology is applied in urban sewage treatment. Due to its simple technology and convenient operation, it can realize automatic operation management.

Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser

Hollow polymer ultra filtration membrane filter core, ultra filtration membrane filtration accuracy 0.01 micron high filtration accuracy to produce sterile small retention of trace elements and minerals
Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser

Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser

Company Information

Our company is one of 10 water filters manufacturers in China, Till 2019,we have over 1600 employees, over 12000 square meters GMP standard dustless workshop, including Electronic SMT workshop,Mould injection workshop,Sheet metal processing workshop,Installation workshop, dozens of modern water filters production line,QC lines,and professional,systematic injection molding production lines. We can produce over 600,000sets household water filters,800,000pcs water tanks, 15,000pcs engineering water filters,60,000sets water vending machines, 10,000sets commercial water filters, 2,400,000pcs water filter cartridges. Our production capacity is China water filter lines leader, annual sales amount can reach USD140million in last 2018.
Company cares much on the production,administration quality and products R&D,till now, we have past ISO9001,ISO14001,3C,SGS,BV,TUV, ,CE,ROHS etc enterprises & products certificates. Over 80% core spare parts manufactured by ourselves, we have successfully cooperated with Germany first-class designing company "LKK" to be our chief adviser. We have gained many patents,including the disposable filter cartridge,intelligent water vending machine etc 13 patents.
We support OEM/ODM service, warmly welcome global retailers and agents!
Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser

Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser
Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser
Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser

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Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser

Factory Water Filter Housing Mini Water Dispenser


Q1:How could I get the samples?
A1:Please offer your required sample detail specification and your address, we will deliver the samples to you against your payment .

Q2:Where is your port?
A2:We usually export from Ningbo or Shanghai Port in China. 

A3:Sample and delivery costs should be paid by client, delivery date within 1-2days for stock; Customized design within about 3-7 days.

Q4: What's the MOQ for OEM brand?
A4: The household appliances MOQ is 100pcs ,  and commercial equipments MOQ 10pcs .
      The OEM services include customization of panel design, and product material .

Q5:What about the payment?
A5: T/T, L/C.or according to order actual situation.

Q6:What's your delivery time?
A6:As we are the manufacturer,after receving your deposit, we can deliver your order within 20 days.

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