Spearhead cuts to the chase 02 November 2022 Free

2022-11-07 23:32:28 By : Ms. CANDY YU

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Spearhead cuts to the chase  02 November 2022 Free

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English hedge cutter and grass care equipment manufacturer, Spearhead, has recently updated a number of its product lines and reintroduced its Twiga Pro hedge cutter range with the inclusion of a telescopic variable forward reach arm model.

We travelled to Daventry to a working day held by Spearhead specialists, Attlefield Farm Machinery, to see the latest kit in action.

Spearhead remains as one of the four UK-built hedge cutter brands owned by the billion-dollar Alamo Group. Each of the four UK-built brands have different backgrounds and heritages dating as far back as the 1800s. However, although wholly owned by the one group, each of the sister brands are slightly differentiated, whether it’s the variety within its portfolio which McConnel is known for or the bat wing rotary mower lineup offered by Spearhead.

Each brand crosses over to some extent but at the same time brings its own innovations to the table.

Today, Spearhead is present in 30 countries and growing. Germany, Czech Republic and the Scandinavian markets remain among the largest export markets.

Spearhead started out in 1988 manufacturing rotary toppers before quickly becoming established having won a tender to supply the German military with over 100 machines after the Berlin wall came down. The military remains an important sector for the business today whereby it still manufactures purpose-built, heavier-duty machines. The hedge cutter range then followed in 1996.

Spearhead has reintroduced its Twiga Pro hedge cutter series since its absence from the market in 2018. The redesigned and updated range now comprises seven models ranging in reach from 6m to 8m.

Three models, 6.5m, 7m and 8m, are offered as straight boom telescopic machines while a 6m and 6.5m are offered in a fixed variable forward reach (VFR) form.

In addition, the Worcestershire-based company has introduced the VFRT74 model due to customer demand, a 7.4m telescopic VFR machine and the first of its kind offered by Spearhead. The main benefit, according to the company, is to allow a closer working range to the tractor.

The telescopic VFR feature adds an additional 60-80kg to the hedge cutter's weight.

The entire seven models are fitted with an 85hp gear pump and option of fitting multiple heads including a rotary or standard flail type head, the latter which can be specified as direct or belt drive.

One of the major updates to the Pro, having made its comeback, is a lighter yet stronger Strenx main frame, uprated pin size and self-cooling oil tank with baffles to dissipate heat outwards.

Other features include a proportional oil cooler with an automatic reversible fan and the option of a debris blower. The Pro series has a starting price of €50,000, plus VAT, while the new VFRT74 starts at €60,000 plus VAT.

Spearhead’s flagship Twiga Flex range has also benefited from a number of subtle updates. These include an upgraded oil tank design and a Strenx main frame as well as the relocation of the slew ram from the bottom to the top.

Hydraulic hoses have been swapped where possible for rigid pipes.

The lineup comprises four models with reaches ranging from 6.7m to 8.9m.

The 70cm offset centre slew pivot provides additional forward and rearward reach geometry up to 148 degrees, while the Rotorflex head rotation system allows the hedge cutter to be front- or rear-mounted and even reverse-driven, aimed towards the more specialised operator cutting verges and embankments.

The Twiga Flex has been facelifted to include a number of updates and the new ProPilot controls with 10in touchscreen terminal.

All units feature the same 85hp gear pump with weights ranging between 2,080kg and 2,900kg.

The lineup starts with a minimum tractor weight requirement of 4,000kg and up to 6,000kg for the largest model.

Like the Pro range, mounting options include three-point linkage, four-point link or axle bracket mounting.

Spearhead has also updated its Multicut line in a bid to streamline its offerings. The all new Multicut 650 Pro-Line and 480 Pro-Line replace the Multicut 460 and 420 while the Multicut 830 comes on to the scene as a complete new offering. Respective working widths are 6.5m, 4.8m and 8.3m.

The Multicut 650 and 480 Pro-Line replaces the Multicut 460 and 420 models.

Updates include the addition of a flat top canopy removing the previous areas where debris and cut material accumulated. A double skin now leaves both the top and bottom surfaces flat while still including strengthening folds.

The limited edition grey colour scheme has been made permanent to denote the updated Pro-Line models. The Pro-Line retains the firm’s Starcut boron blade system.

Spearhead has also introduced an updated Stubble Master series in 5.3m, 7.5m and 9.3m variants with a 12.3m model expected in the future.

The range is redesigned from the ground up superseding the current Stubble Master series and again has been designed to appeal to tillage farmers cutting stubbles.

Everything has been uprated, according to the company, including its dual-skinned Hardox flat top canopy. New guide wheels and a height adjustment system have also been added.

Each models five heavy-duty Starcut rotors contain six boron blades which effectively cut material three times given the blade configuration.

The first flat blade cuts the surface ahead of the lower angled wing back blade, which has been designed to throw material up and be chopped up again creating a mulching effect.

The current flagship Stubble Master 930 weighs in at just over nine tonnes with a minimum startup power requirement of 250hp.

The Series retains the traditional Spearhead green colour scheme.

The new ProPilot electric proportional control system was also demonstrated. It is now optionally available on all Twiga Pro, Flex, Orbital machines and possibly the Twiga Mid series in due course.

Other control options, depending on the model, include manual cable control and the MultiPilot hydraulic proportional (servo) option.

The ProPilot control system provides a whole host of customisable features and functions which can be saved to individual operator profiles.

This top-spec option includes a 10in colour touchscreen display and a fully electric proportional CanBus joystick.

Features of the system include customisable operator profiles whereby each operator can assign his/her run screens and joystick button function layout to their preference. Arm speed and a soft start rotor function can also be set.

The display terminal itself clearly displays information such as oil temperatures, oil cooler status, rotor rotation direction and rotor hour log, as well as job reports and service alerts. An Autolevel function automatically monitors the angle of the head which can be maintained while cutting.

Spearhead cuts to the chase  02 November 2022 Free

Trailer Mounted Asphalt Hotbox Recycler Autopilot E is a new optional electronic version of the firm’s Autopilot high-speed verge mowing system with variable pressure settings.